Enkele nagekomen reacties uit Texas......

  • On behalf of the Corpus Christi Fire Fighters Association, Local #936, I would like to publicly thank the FIRE OBSERVERS group for picking Texas and especially South Texas to visit this year. I hoped that you all picked up some good and inovative ideas from firefighters in Corpus Christi, Lake Jackson, Houston, A&M, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio and any other cities that you all may have visited this time around. Thanks for the momento's that you gave the Local and the Corpus Christi Fire Department! Hope to have you all back soon! Take care and here is wishing you all safe travels!

    Hope you guys are doing well;Sta #1 guys enjoyed your visit with us and had a great time showing you guys how WE do it.

    Hey,wanted to say we had a blast here at 10's. Those guys were pretty cool. (Mario and Lucien). Looking forward to another visit.


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